Ironwood Maine Parent Testimonial

Dear Sue and Wes-

After 8 months and two children at Ironwood, years of crisis, tears, hospitals, and more, it is only at Ironwood that we’ve begun to have hope again. We did all that we knew to do. We followed the right paths: the paved mental health road, the doctor’s advice, the medical model and the alternative, too. We used the court system when we had to and thought we’d exhausted our resources until their lives were literally on track to prison, homelessness or permanent psychiatric institutionalization.

Thinking the effort futile, I made one more run at an internet search and something was different in a keystroke this time because I found Parent’s Universal Resource Experts and Sue Scheff. That phone call brought me to you, Sue, and to Ironwood.

We aren’t out of the woods, we know this. We still have a long way to go to bring them home and guide their way to keep the boat upright. But along this terrifying journey, you’ve spoken softly, kindly, with knowledge and understanding. You’ve made arrangements for our kids when you weren’t sure you should be. You’ve provided us with expert therapy, therapists and behavior support staff. You’ve reached out for more resources, dug deep to find supports and provided us with help everywhere you could find it. There have been stunning facilities and grounds to support their wellness and change, also.

Some of the most important pieces of connection that you’ve given us at Ironwood are their therapist, Laura and the Parent Portal: there have been the most glorious pictures along this journey to make sure we could see them smile, see them work, cooperate, play, experience nature and life- free of distractions. We’ve been able to watch them change, literally through photography and their letters. We didn’t “lose” this time, we experienced it and began to heal in their pictures, our therapy, Family Weekends, and constant contact.

No parent ever wants to walk this crooked path, but if one has to, I will always refer them to Ironwood. We will never have enough words to express our gratitude to you for your services and support of our children and our family. I cannot say enough about our respect for Laura and how she supports our children, our family work and the complexity of the dynamics with their father, also. This is a unique situation and you all have provided us with equal respect and dignity in this process.

Thank you for what you are doing for families and children in crisis.
Thank you for your understanding and your compassion of our family and our crisis. We know you have choices about your residents: who you can and will serve. We are very grateful to have found your services at Ironwood and more grateful to have been given the opportunity to be served by the Ironwood team.

With the deepest sincerity,

Charlene​ & Jack